Eating with a Conscious
Maintaining ecological balance has become important with almost everyone today. This is also affecting eating habits of individuals. Protecting ecological balance is an issue in which everyone has become involved. One way of achieving this, according to some, is to consume organi... Read More
Aug-Sep 2020
The Digital Influence in India’s Restaurant Business
The wave of digitalisation has greatly influenced many of our industries, and food service business is no exception to this trend. The digital wave has opened up many new possibilities for t... Read More
Nothing Nutty About it
Cashew nut is regarded as a popular dry fruit with wide applications in food preparations, though it is neither a fruit and nor a nut, if one were to analyse scientifically.... Read More
Milk - a Healthy Choice
Human being is the only mammal who drinks the milk of another mammal and this drink is most pleasurable at a cold temperature when the mercury rises. A cold glass of milk, flavoured or natur... Read More
Intricacies of Starting a Restaurant
Globalisation has influenced various aspects of Indian society including the change in food habits. Over last two decades, due to several economic developments, increasing spending power and... Read More